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We are located in Howard County, Maryland.  We provide training in Columbia, Ellicott City, Clarksville, Elkridge, Halethorpe, Hanover, Jessup, Savage, Maple Lawn and parts of Catonsville.

We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced obedience lessons.  We specialize in positive obedience and clicker training.  Training creates a greater level of respect and a closer bond with your dog.  Dogs need mental stimulation along with physical exercise on a daily basis.  Teaching a dog new commands stimulates their mind.



Zeus going on a long dog walk
Our private lessons ensure a proper learning environment for your dog.  In order to teach a new behavior, the dog needs to learn in a distraction free environment.  Once the behavior is taught, we slowly add distractions.  We bring well trained dogs to our sessions and teach in a variety of environments.  

Dogs are much happier when they have an owner who is the pack leader.  Proper training, along with rules, boundaries and limitations helps diminish unwanted behaviors.  It is very important that every family member participates each session and practices new behaviors daily.  The key to training success is consistency.

Puppies learn a lot of their behavior from their mother and litter mates.  When your puppy comes home, you take the mothers role.  Crate training, house training, and leash walking are the beginning of a wonderful life together.  Let us help you with the journey.

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Pet Sitter Columbia

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